2016 Classroom Sessions

Note: Classroom dates and times still to be determined.


Classroom Sessions 2016

Rapid Intervention Team Gone Wrong

Rick Lasky and John Salka discuss the many issues related to rapid intervention operations with a focus on previous rapid intervention team (RIT) operations that were not successful.

Heart Heroes: Successful Cardiovascular Program for Volunteer Firefighters

Ivo Zuvic discusses the cardiovascular accidents have been the greatest cause of death in the fire service in past decades.

Trench Rescue Shoring: Our Dirty Little Secret

Ron Zawlocki discusses the challenge to create a model for a trench rescue shoring performance standard.  

Lessons Learned from a Near-Miss Mayday in Texas

John Wright discusses residential structure fire on June 17, 2011.

Flashover Life-and-Death Decisions on the Fireground

Bryan Winzer discusses flashover is devastating and has caused injuries and, in many cases, firefighter deaths.  

Large Truck Extrication

Steve White discusses that rescuers should not take a passenger vehicle approach to a large truck extrication.

Rural Fire Safety: Do It the Same Way, “Differently”!

Devon Wells discusses components of LCES and applies them to all-hazard incidents.

Truck Company Operations for the Engine Company Firefighter

Jeff Weffelmeyer discusses truck company skills in which every firefighter should be proficient.  

Did That Really Just Happen?

John Walters discusses through the process of a major line-of-duty injury--before, during, and many years after the incident.  

Intelligently Aggressive Truck Functions

Jimm Walsh discusses the importance of intelligently aggressive truck functions and their positive impact on fireground safety.  

Fully Involved Leadership

Mark von Appen discusses fire service professionals who wish to expand their leadership abilities at any level.

Step Up and Lead

Frank Viscuso discusses the highest rated fire service leadership traits.

How to Avoid Social Media-Assisted Career Problems

Curt Varone discusses focus is on training firefighters to avoid social media disasters. Social media has been a blessing and a curse for the fire service; it has the potential to create public relations nightmares and disciplinary disasters.  

Situational Awareness Barriers in a Digital Information Environment

Bart van Leeuwen discusses new technologies like mobile data terminals, iPads, and cellphones are entering the fire service at an ever increasing pace.  

Rapid Intervention Teams and Air Management

Joseph Troncoso discusses the purpose of the rapid intervention team (RIT), why it is needed, and its function.

Elevator Emergencies

Tony Tricarico discusses what is needed to know to mitigate an elevator emergency.  

Small Departments: Growing Beyond the Single-Line Mentality

Jon Trent discusses challenges firefighters at all levels of the organization to take a critical look at on-scene performance.

Learning from Others’ Experiences

Dave Traiforos discusses how firefighters’ aggressive actions can increase firefighter risk of injury or death and prevent the completion of the task at hand, interrupting the fire action plan.  

Welcome to the Ivy League of Firefighting in High- and Low-Rise Large-Area Office Buildings

Jerry Tracy discusses the challenge of operating in high- or low-rise office buildings demands the disciplines of procedures far beyond routine operations.  

Good Medicine in Bad Places: a Look Inside the Fire Department of New York Rescue Paramedic Program

John Tew discusses the training world of a Fire Department of New York EMS rescue paramedic.  

What Matters? Situations That Arise in a Diverse Fire Station

Susan Tamme discusses issues that surface in the firehouse regarding gender, sexual orientation, and equality.  

First-In Driver: Street Smarts from a Driver Perspective

Chad Szeklinski discusses building more successful engine driving operations.  

"Invitational Intervention": Understanding Where Addiction and Hope Meet

Rev. Jim Swarthout discusses Invitational Intervention.

There Is No Such Thing as Extreme Fire Behavior!

Stefan Svensson discusses the focus is on approaching fire scientifically and viewing it from the perspective of scientists.

The Historic Role of Safety in the Decision-Making Process

John Sullivan discusses studies that highlight those entrenched habits and presents ways to adjust our decision-making process to reflect even greater emphasis on firefighter safety.  

Roadway Incident Safety: the Hits Keep Coming!

Jack Sullivan discusses guidelines for safe roadway incident scene response and management and outlines the most recent innovative ideas for highway incident safety.  

RIC for REAL: How Ready Are You to Save Firefighters’ Lives?

Paul Strong discusses many of the details learned from realistic, hands-on, rapid intervention training.

Operating on the Floor Above

Daniel Stratton discusses the hazards associated with operating on the floor above a fire are identified. Precautionary measures for firefighters engaged in fire suppression activities under these conditions are stressed.





Fire Department of New York: Black Sunday

Eugene Stolowski discusses a first-hand account of the events of January 23, 2005, that forced six New York City firefighters to jump out of the fifth floor of a Bronx tenement.  

The Story of West: Multiple Firefighter Deaths

Les Stephens discusses an interactive and detailed summary of the investigation report of the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office conducted in cooperation with the Texas Fire Chief’s Association.  

SCBA Bootcamp: a Firefighter’s Survival School

Trevor Steedman discusses focus in on a variety of principles and practices all firefighters can use--rural and urban, career and volunteer.

Tactics for Managing Fire Behavior

Joe Starnes discusses conditioning the access path for the crew and tactical air management with doors, curtains, and redirecting the flow path.

Tactical Thermal Imaging: the First Level of Fire Attack

Andrew Starnes discusses incorporating tactical thermal data into our initial action plan is mission critical to the success of our operations.  

Cancer: Prevention Begins with Awareness

Victor Stagnaro discusses occupational cancer is a reality in the fire service.

Strategies and Tactics of Great and Respected Firefighters

David Soler discusses want to take your skills and fire service career to another level.

CNG Commercial Vehicles: a Ticking Time Bomb

Steve Smith discusses compressed natural gas (CNG)-powered commercial vehicles.

Vehicle Extrication from Inside the Auto Industry

Michael Smith discusses  that this class takes the new out of new vehicle technology and presents leading-edge information.  

Standpipes: a New Look at an Old Tool

Kyle Smith discusses what can be expected of an installed standpipe system and what to do if the unexpected happens.

The Initial Line: Getting It Right the First Time

Jonah Smith discusses  the need for a dynamic and well-trained engine company in all types of departments is the focus, and engine company operations and their importance to the proper mitigation of fire incidents are emphasized.  

Regional Multicompany Hands-On Training

Drew Smith discusses many fire departments regularly rely on automatic aid or mutual aid to effectively respond to fires and other emergencies.  

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