The 88th International Fire Department Instructors Conference proved to be another huge success thanks to all the exhibitors and nearly 32,000 attendees! 

• 31,468 attendees from over 55 countries around the world

• 95% of attendees stated they will most likely attend FDIC Int'l 2016

• 94% of attendees rated the quality of exhibiting companies as good to excellent

• 97.7% of attendees rated the registration fee as fair to excellent for the value and benefit of the event

Training Video



2015 Classroom Sessions

Fireground Strategies: When Buildings Change the Rules of the Game

Preplanning for a Wildland Event: A Technology Based Community Approach

Treating the Injured Firefighter

Connecting the Dots: Developing a Comprehensive Fire Behavior Training Program

Fireground Tactical Decision-Making Models

When Things Go Bad!

Behavioral Health Issues in the Fire Service

The Art of Go/No-Go

Surviving the Fireground

Anchor-and-Hold Tactics in the Wildland Urban Interface

Fire Department of New York: Black Sunday

First-In Driver: Street Smarts from a Drivers' Perspective

Learning from Others' Experiences

Elevator Emergencies

Commercial Building Forcible Entry Challenges

Step Up and Lead

Fully Involved Leadership

Navigating the Currents of Change

Aggressive Truck Functions for a Safer Fireground

Large Truck Extrication

Lack of Maintenance and the Increase of Accidents while Driving Fire Trucks

Flashover Life-and-Death Decisions on the Fireground

Short-Staffed Success: Making Every Step Count

Reading Smoke - All Video Version!

Special Operations in Small Departments

Managing the Mayday for Chief Officers

The Attacking Handline

Positive-Pressure Attack: You Don't Know What You Don't Know

The Privilege of Leadership

Modern House Fires: Tactical Agility for Aggressive Operations

First-Due Residential Fire Concepts for Engine and Truck Companies

Utilities: Changes and Challenges for the Fire Service

Rapid Intervention for Volunteer and Other Non-Urban Fire Departments

Fireground Commander's Intent: Coordinated Actions for Mission Success

Onboard Foam Systems: Ensuring Your System and Concentrate are Compatible

Fire Research for Firefighters

Must-Have Policies for Every Fire Department

Command and Control of a Motor Vehicle Accident

The Five Most Dangerous Places

Volunteer Recruit Training Program: Recipe for Success

Let's Reinvent Structural Firefighting

The Fitness Imperative

Standpipes: A New Look at an Old Tool

Decisions Under Fire: "You Don't Know; You Weren't There"

You're an Engineer: What Now?

Developing an Effective Respiratory Protection Program: 2015 Update

Operating on the Floor Above

The Extinguishment Culture in Today's Fire Service

Skill Drills and Tips for Company Officers

11 Essentials of an Excellent Company Officer

Leading with Attitude! Secrets of the Rock Star Engine Company

The Story of the West Texas Multiple Firefighter Deaths

Converting to a Combination Department

Flawed Situational Awareness: "Lightning Round"

Luxury Apartments: Is Your Department Ready?

Understanding New Vehicle Technology Rescue Challenges for the Cars of Today and Tomorrow

The First-Due Engineer

Very Large-Diameter Hose (VLDH)

"Big Box" Store Firefighting Strategies and Tactics

Engine Company Operations: Gallons Per Second "The Update"

The Value-Driven Firefighter: A Parallel of NFL and Fire Service Leadership, Training, and Accountability

Flipped Fire Training: Meeting the Demands of Today's Fire Service

Flat-Roof Operations at Apartment and Commercial Occupancies

Street-Smart Firefighting and Brotherhood

Recognizing the "New" Normal in the Wildland Fire Environment

Proficiency-Based Training

Are You Ready for the Firefighter Cardiac Arrest?

Prioritizing the Volunteer Fireground

Extrication Zone : Large Trucks/Trailers/Buses/Cable Barriers

SCBA Bootcamp: A Firefighter's Survival School

Lessons Learned from a Near-Miss Mayday in Texas

Bruno and Norman "Unplugged"

Fireground Size-Up, Command, Control, Accountability, and Survival: Darn! It Didn'tt Go Well, Why?

Real-World Hydraulics

Building Collapse Do's and Don'ts for First-Due Companies

Gaining Relative Superiority: The 2 1/2-Inch Attack Line

Commanding Greater-Alarm Building Fires

Fit to Survive: WFI/CPAT-IAFF/IAFC Wellness Fitness Initiative/Candidate Physical Ability Test

Large Vehicle Fire Operations

Firefighter Free Speech

How to Be a Dynamic Instructor

"Drive to Survive": Avoiding Fire Apparatus Crashes

Alternate-Fuel Vehicle Emergencies: What Every Responder Needs to Know

Gaining the Tactical Advantage

Man vs. Machinery Incidents: Are You Prepared?

Effective and Efficient Company-Level Tactics

Fire Service Risk Management: A Proactive Approach

Strategic Decision Making for the Company Officer

Smell, Bells, and Spills

Lessons Learned from a Bakken Crude-Oil Train Derailment

Firefighter Mental Health and Suicide: Having Your Back

Street-Smart Leadership Skills for the Incident Commander

Hybrid Search Techniques

Firefighting Strategies in Mid-Rise Residential Buildings

EMS and ICS: Managing the Mass-Casualty Incident

Planning Your Way to Successful Leadership in Your Volunteer Department

The First Five Minutes: Size-Up, Decision Making, and Effective Communication

Increasing the Odds in a Successful Rescue: Are We Making Progress in Saving Lives?

From the Xbox to the Box Alarm: Engaging Today's Firefighters

Trench Rescue Shoring: Our Dirty Little Secret

Issues and Challenges in Today's Fire Service

Teaching Fire Science to Firefighters

Striving for Success Isn't an Accident: Is HRO the Path?

Fighting Attic Fires: Strategic, Tactical, and Task-Level Considerations

Forcible Exiting: "The Fortified Rear Door"

Lessons Learned from the 25 Most Deadly Fires in Firefighting History

IAFF/IAFC/ACE Peer Fitness Training and Rehabilitation Program

Swift Water Rescue: Building Blocks to Success

10Commandments for the Company Officer: A Guide for Success Off the Fireground

Fire Rescue Torch Operations

Using Technology as Training Aids

Rigging for Rescuers

Heavyweight Tactics for Lightweight Apartment Fires

Applying a Building Intelligence Tool from Initial Operations to Mitigation

First-In Considerations for Water-Related Emergencies

Initial First Due Size-Up Reports for Company Officers

What's Not So Ordinary About a Fire on Your Main Street?

Firefighting PPE: Fact, Fiction, and Crossing the Barriers to Reality

Fire Smoke: The Impact of Inhalation, Ingestion, and Absorption and Preventing Exposure

You've Been Called to the Home of a Hospice Patient; Now What? Why Did They Call 911?

RIC for Real: Learning from Our Mistakes

Common StairSense

First-Due Area: Company Officer Responsibilities

High-Tech Legal Headaches for Fire Departments

Did That Really Just Happen? Dealing With Serious Line-of-Duty Injuries

The Science Behind Positive-Pressure Attack in Residential Structures

Science in the Big Room

How Diversity and Politics Influence Change Management

Reality Check: Where Do You Fit in Today's Fire Service

Effective Roof Operations: Lessons Learned from East to West

Fighting Structure Fires in 2015

Common Principles of Firefighting (taught in Spanish)

"In for the Long Haul": Introduction to Mental Resilience

Ladders: Operational Strategies with Portables, Aerials, and Towers

Drawn by Fire: A Decade of Fired-Up 'Toons

Basement Fires: Fire Dynamics and Collapse Hazards

Zero to Hero: Leadership Habits Outside the Emergency

Extrication and EMS: Coordinating Team Delivery of Critical Care


Lightweight Construction and Collapse Considerations

Tactical Use of Positive-Pressure Ventilation and Small Water Droplets

Identifying and Understanding Sexual Harrasment in the Fire Service

Developing and Implementing a Field Training Officer Program

Conducting an Apparatus Needs Analysis for Your Community

Fire Department Training Liability: Avoiding Legal Jeopardy

The Adaptive Fireground and Predictable Building Performance

Are You Prepared to Respond to Emergencies Involving Special-Needs Populations?

The Right Seat: a Volunteer Perspective

The First 365 Days as a Newly Promoted Chief Officer

Using Thermal Imaging and Modern Fire Dynamics to Improve Fireground Operations

Unusual Technical Rescues on Land and in the Water

Taking Command: Being the Compass and the Conscience

Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for the Engine Company

Nontraditional Critical Thinking Program

Fire in the "Big Box"

Wind: A Comprehensive Look at this Common Enemy

Ultimate Ethics of the Badge: Life and Death

Taking it to the Streets: Training for Success

The Three C's of Fire Operations: Coordination, Communication, Control

Boston's Ladder Culture

Ventilation-Entry-Isolation-Search for Truck Companies

Operational Hazards in Vacant Building Fires

Successful Emergency Operations in Assessment Center Setting

Quint Essentials

Marketing Your Agency with a Limited Budget

Surviving the Insult: 2015 Interior Benchmarking

Construction Concerns: Modern Materials

Mayday for Mental Health

Using Flow Paths and Hose Streams to Your Tactical Advantage

Down and Dirty Mayday

ISFSI Principles of Modern Fire Attack

Hoarder Homes: Using Offensive Tactics on Traditionally Defensive Fires

How to Read a House

Incendios en Altura - Comandante de Incidente para Bomberos Voluntarios

Real-World Unified Command for Active Shooter Incidents

Highway Incident Safety: One Strike and You're Out!

In the Eye of the Storm: Commanding from the Car

Rapid Intervention for the Understaffed Company

Positive-Pressure Ventilation in Domestic Fires: UK 20-Year Report

Extrication Zone: Principles of Extrication

Understanding Autism for Fire Rescue Responses

Safety Is Everyone's Responsibility

Mentoring Programs: A Key to Fire Department Success

Fireground Tactics and Leadership: Past and Present

Boston Marathon Bombing: First Due With the Boston Fire Department

The Charleston 9: A Study of Change Following Tragedy

Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple-Family Occupancies

Clearing the Air: What Do You Get for "30 Minutes"?

Pipeline Emergencies: Planning to Bridge the Communications Gap

The 101 Greatest Public Education Ideas

The Strategic and Tactical Battleground for Survival

Can't Take it Anymore?

General Aviation/Crash Response and Fire Mitigation

NFPA 1403: The Fire Instructor's Risk Management Tool

Pump Panel Pointers for Training and Operations

Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program: Preparing Competitive Applications and Town Hall Discussion

The 2015 Company Officer: Are You Up for the Challenge?

Smoke Flow and Flow Path Control: A European Perspective

Sharing Media: You Already Have a Rule for That

Project Kill the Flashover: Identify, Defend, or Kill the Extreme Fire Behavior

The Extrication Zone: Hybrid/New Vehicle Technology for First Responders

There is No Such Thing as Extreme Fire Behavior

Incident Command (taught in Spanish)

Rescue Ready

NIMS Incident Command System for Technical Rescue Incidents

2015 Pre-Con Workshops

25-to-Survive: Reducing Residential Injuries and LODDs

Attack from the Burned Side: New Age Tactics and Tasks

Avoiding Career Crushers

Drill Development: The Next Level

Essentials of Fire Investigation: The Complete Fire Scene Examination

Fireground Tactics: Strip Malls and Stores

ISFSI Instructor Development Clinic

Managing Rescue Operations

Mastering the Instructor's Tools of the Trade

Modern Training Techniques for Tactical Success

No-Brainer Management

Officer and Leadership Development Workshop

Right-Seat Leadership

Tactical and Strategic Perspectives of Residential Fires - Ventilation and Search

The Aggressive Interior Attack: Mastering the Modern Residential Firefight

The Art of Reading a Building Using the Rapid-Street Read System

The Basics of Specifying Fire Apparatus

The Fire Department Assessment Center: How to Get Promoted

Volunteer and Combination Fire Department Managers Academy

Why Fire Prevention Education Isn't Working for Today's Fire Service

Building the Ladder: Officer Development Programs

Combat Ready Firefighting

Drills You're Not Going to Find in the Books

Fire Academy 101: Building Better Firefighters Through Quality Training

Fire Literacy and Applied Fire Dynamics

Fireground Decision Making for Suburban Company Officers

Getting the Most from Your Incident Simulation Software

Instructional Craftsmanship: Method and Mastery

Leadership in the Real World

Modern Buildings: The Recipe for Firefighter Deaths or Injuries

Required Training: A Guide for the Training Officer

Solar Power Strategy and Tactics: A Renewable Danger for Firefighters

Stress First Aid for Fire and EMS Personel: Train the Trainer

Survival: Why Things Went Right and Why They Went Horribly Wrong

Tactical and Strategic Perspectives of Residential Fires: Command and Fire Attack

The 21st Century Fire Officer: Strategies and Tactics from the Firehouse to the Fireground

The Professional Volunteer Fire Department

This House Rocks / Firehouse Excellence

Transitional Attack and Modern Wood-Frame Construction

Aggressive Command and Tactics

Developing a Training Program for Todays Fire Service

Drill Ground Instructor Academy

Fireground Control: Managing the Hard Environment

Fireground Scenario Workshop

Hazmat: Initial Approach and Actions

How Firefighters Learn: How Fire Instructors Should Teach Them

Human Behavior and Positive Psychology: Tools for the Firehouse

Intelligent Fire Operations: Balancing Safety and Aggression

Lightweight Construction: Past and Present

Safety Leadership

Strategic Decision Making at Commercial Building Fires

Taking Action Against Cancer in the Fire Service

The Art of Reading Smoke

The Courage Within (Stress Inoculation Training)

The Ultimate Team Sport: What Position Will I Play?

Think Like an Incident Commander

Vehicle Rescue: Operational and Technologic Considerations for Today

Waving Red Flags on the Fireground

Where Have All the Good Officers Gone?

Alternative Funding Solutions for Your Emergency Service Organization

Applying Science without Abandoning Aggressive Tactics

Blink: Critical Fireground Decision Making

E-Learning in the Fire Service: Course Development Creation and Training

Fire Chiefing in the Real World

Sustainable Green Design and Construction and the Fire Service

Firefighting Operations in Mega-Mansions

Five-Alarm Leadership

Functional Fitness Programs for Fire Service Athletes

Inspiring Leaders for Todays Fire Service

Instructor and Training Officer Bootcamp


Classroom Sessions

Instructor Videos will soon be available for FDIC International 2015.  Until then, feel free to reference the 2014 videos.

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Coming Soon… Check out the FDIC International 2015 Instructor Blog where you can read and learn about many of the FDIC Instructors.

Click to see FDIC photos, both historical and recent, of classroom sessions, workshops, hands-on-training evolutions and special events.

Coming Soon!  We will feature an FDIC International 2015 Instructor, many of which are authors and icons within the firefighting community.

FDIC 2014

All the coverage taken from FDIC 2014, including: articles on conferences, exhibits and events; video taken throughout the show; photo galleries; man-on-the-street testimonials and more!!

Full Coverage of FDIC 2014 >
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Hoseline Operations for Fires in Multiple-Family Occupancies

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Issues and Challenges in Todays Fire Service

The fire service is faced with a vast array of issues and challenges. For 86 years, FDIC has been...
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Construction Concerns: Modern Materials

At most fires, we assume that immediate structural collapse will not happen, but today’s manufact...


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Live from FDIC International: Day 5

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Eighth Annual FDIC Courage And Valor Fun Run

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