FDIC International 2018 Show News


    Critiquing Others - By Frank Viscuso


    Frank Viscuso talks about constructive criticism in the fire service.

    Buddy to Boss: Leading with Integrity and Respect - By: Tiffanye S. Wesley


    Tiffanye S. Wesley discusses in her article the goal is to focus from team player to supervisor in order to be successful in your new assignment. 

    John Macdonald: Three- to Six-Story Apartment Fires: Fire Extending into the Flat Roof and the Command Sequence


    John Macdonald's article reflects lessons learned from many apartment fires.  

    Phil Jose: Reading Smoke and the Transfer of Command Process


    Phil Jose discuses in his article that training in the reading smoke process develops an understanding the concepts and impacts of the VVDC and how to apply those concepts into the role of the IC. Both the initial company officer and the later-arriving chief officer will be able to maintain a common understanding of the fire behavior, accurately predict where the fire is going, and direct the appropriate tactics to put out the fire.

    Elaine Kluttz: What’s Your Point?


    Elaine Kluttz tells us that life fires are inevitable. Equip yourself with the tools needed to prevent life’s fires.

    Brice Long: Building Strong Firefighters


    Brice Long discusses with the right education, firefighters can learn to thrive. Basic training can empower members to succeed in their careers and continue to do the job they love longer and in good health.

    Gary Ludwig: Shooting and Stabbing: The Challenges of Penetrating Trauma


    Dave McGlynn: Building a Training Network That Works


    Dave McGlynn talks about the importance of building an effective organization. 

    Steve White: Calling for Heavy Wreckers


    Steve White discusses how important training involving emergency response agencies and wrecker companies are very critical.

    Lori Moore: Using Big Data Analytics to Enhance Fire Response Capability


    Lori Moore discusses the risks of negative outcomes rise when fire department resources do not match community needs.  


    Firefighter Who Perished in Howard County (MD) Fire Identified

    The 13-year veteran is survived by his wife and children.

    Rescuers Pull 1 Person From House Collapse, Search Ongoing For 2 Others

    One person was rescued after a three-story house collapsed on South Broad Street in Hamilton on Monday morning, authorities said. Rescuers were working to free two other people trapped in the rubble as of 8 a.m., according to Hamilton police. The ...

    Officials: 13-Year Veteran Of Howard County Fire Dept. Dies After Battling 7-Alarm Fire

    A firefighter was killed after battling a seven-alarm house fire that broke out early Monday morning in the 7000 block of Woodscape Road in Clarksville, Maryland, the Howard County Fire Department reported.The fire was likely caused by a lightning...


    Tactical Safety for Firefighters: Windows Are Not Doors

    When it comes to fire attack many are looking to utilizing a window to apply their stream, this exterior attack is the first half of what is referred to as transitional fire attack. When a stream is operated from outside the structure through a wi...

    In the News

    Carl Nix examines how to use the thermal imaging camera to avoid coming back to the fire scene to extinguish a reignited fire.


    The Life Cycle of Leading: Inter-Dynamics of a Team

    Inside our stations, while understanding we are all human, we should exhibit the same behaviors and remember it is about the team and how each of us performs as part of the team.


    HME Delivers Model 34 Type 3 Wildland Engine

    The Los Pinos (CO) Fire Protection District wanted to replace a 1986 pumper outfitted like a Type 3 engine with a dual-purpose engine to be housed in its dedicated wildland station, Station 5.

    Engine Preplanning: The Key to Operators’ Success

    Whether the person who drives the engine and operates the pump is called an engineer, operator, or chauffer, he has one of the most important jobs on the fireground.

    In the News

    Carl Nix examines how to use the thermal imaging camera to avoid coming back to the fire scene to extinguish a reignited fire.