FDIC International 2018 Show News


    Brice Long: Building Strong Firefighters


    Brice Long discusses with the right education, firefighters can learn to thrive. Basic training can empower members to succeed in their careers and continue to do the job they love longer and in good health.

    Gary Ludwig: Shooting and Stabbing: The Challenges of Penetrating Trauma


    Dave McGlynn: Building a Training Network That Works


    Dave McGlynn talks about the importance of building an effective organization. 

    Steve White: Calling for Heavy Wreckers


    Steve White discusses how important training involving emergency response agencies and wrecker companies are very critical.

    Lori Moore: Using Big Data Analytics to Enhance Fire Response Capability


    Lori Moore discusses the risks of negative outcomes rise when fire department resources do not match community needs.  

    Pierce Introduces CZConnect™ Featuring Vehicle Readiness Reports


    With CZConnect integration, a free customized vehicle readiness report containing vehicle performance data and maintenance interval information is emailed to up to five addresses chosen by the customer.

    PSTrax introduces Drug Inventory Modules


    PSTrax, a technology service that helps fire departments across the country automate their apparatus, equipment and inventory checks, has rolled out a new program that provides total trackability and auditing of fire department drug supplies.

    FDIC CLASSROOM VIDEO: Joe Nedder Talks Risk Management in the Volunteer Fire Service


    FDIC International 2018 continued its high-level, high-information classroom sessions with "Managing Risk in the Volunteer Fire Service," a high-energy presentation from retired Uxbridge (MA) Firefighter Joe Nedder.

    Trusted Voices: Live from FDIC International 2018, Day Five


    All this week at FDIC International 2018, Monday through Friday, we will be featuring live radio and hangouts from the show, sponsored by 3M Scott Fire & Safety. Friday's show features Danny Sheridan, Mike Gagliano and Mike Dugan, Dave Dalrymple, and Chris Baker, as well as a live session from the 3M Scott Fire & Safety booth.

    VIDEO: Honeywell Showcases New Innovations in Protective Gear and Connected Technology at FDIC International 2018


    Honeywell will demonstrate its connected first responder technology and introduce enhancements to turnout gear, hoods, SCBA and other protective equipment at the Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International April 25-28 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.


    Street-Proven Research

    Unbeknownst to me, once again our company would be conducting a research project that was in an uncontrollable environment, unlike much of what we’ve been seeing coming out of the recent studies, which were experiments (procedures carried out unde...

    Adaptive Culture: A Lesson from History

    Dennis Merrigan uses World War I’s historic Battle of Jutland to show the dangers of adaptive culture and its effects on the fire service.

    One Fire Service family

    Over the past year, I’ve been contributing to the Stop Believing Start Knowing (SBSK) blog, a professional firefighter page dedicated to helping firefighters learn and understand modern fire attack principles based on the modern fire dynamics scie...


    Marketing Myopia

    Ben May examines how the fire service is perceived and presents strategies for marketing the fire service more effectively.


    FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at having enough left over after facing challenges on the fireground and in the fire house.

    Taking a Chance

    Greg Jakubowski speaks to two people who have experienced the impact of true fireground risk. He examines the training and leadership necessary to keep firefighters safe.


    Apparatus for Big-Flow Operations—You Already Own Them, Part 1awbffvssdzbdzydcsw

    Do we have a water delivery system that will flow 10,000 gpm to a single pumper? Yes, we do.

    Put Water on the Fire

    There are times when operating right from tank water on an engine might be good. Sometimes a deck gun is a good option. Bread and butter handline operations may not always be the best choice if speed to the fire is the primary consideration.

    Moving Big Water Involves Specialized Pumps, Equipment

    There are times when it is nearly impossible to get large amounts of water close to a fire scene from a water source, and it may be necessary to move it long distances. Often such a task requires large pumping systems, relay pumps, and perhaps mob...