Calvin Allison: Behind the Flames: Dealing with Electrical Injuries

    Calvin Allison discusses finding a safer method regarding electrical situations at a fire.

    Kirk Allen: Real World Hydraulics

    Kirk Allen discusses in his article referring to the "real world" means the key to fixing many of our challenges in the fire service is to question what we were told and to demand proof that the information is based on fact and not just opinion.

    P.J. Norwood: Attic Fires: Latest Technical Panel Results

    P.J. Norwood discusses that attic fires take longer to deterct and are more dangerous for firefighters and residents.

    Annual Awards

    The Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award has been given out during the General Session at FDIC since 1998. In 2009, the award was renamed for Tom Brennan, who was the editor of Fire Engineering for eight years and a technical editor until he passed away in 2006. 

    Fire Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

    • Frank Brannigan (1998)
    • Tom Brennan (1999)
    • Vince Dunn (2000)
    • Alan Brunacini (2001)
    • Don Manno (2002)
    • Ray Downey (2003)
    • John Eversole (2004
    • James Page (2005)
    • Leo Stapleton (2006)
    • Dr. Denis Onieal (2007)
    • John Mittendorf (2008)

    Tom Brennan Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients:

    • John Norman (2009)
    • Ronald Jon Siarnicki (2010)
    • John F. “Skip” Coleman (2011)
    • Jack Murphy (2012)
    • Glenn Corbett (2013)
    • Ronny J. Coleman (2014)
    • Bill Peters (2015)
    • Jerry Tracy (2016)


    FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: O2X


    Adam La Reau of O2X discusses how the company addresses the interrelated issues of firefighter readiness, physical fitness, and resiliency to improve fireground performance.

    FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Scott Safety


    Members of the Scott Safety team demonstrate some of the products the company had at this year's FDIC International 2017.

    FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Akron Brass


    Akron Brass launches UltraJet handline nozzle and more at FDIC 2017. Check out the latest from the most trusted brand of firefighting equipment.