Brian Brush: First-Arriving Engine: A Progressive Fire Attack Plan

Brian Brush discusses that there are hundreds of options and combinations for fire attack at the disposal of today’s firefighters and that the three-person engine can perform only one action at a time and this is one way to simplify and maximize the effectiveness of these first-due actions.

Lisa Baker: The Assessment Center Process: How to Be Successful

Lisa Baker discusses what an assessment center is and how it assesses your ability to be successful in the job classification for which you are testing.  

Anthony Avillo: Shut the Door! Tips for VES, VEIS (or VESS)

Anthony Avillo discusses the meaning of VEIS or VESS in the fire service.

Dena Ali: Awareness Level Fire Service Suicide Prevention

Dena Ali discusses in her article that culture of behavioral health in the fire service needs to change.

Calvin Allison: Behind the Flames: Dealing with Electrical Injuries

Calvin Allison discusses finding a safer method regarding electrical situations at a fire.

Kirk Allen: Real World Hydraulics

Kirk Allen discusses in his article referring to the "real world" means the key to fixing many of our challenges in the fire service is to question what we were told and to demand proof that the information is based on fact and not just opinion.

P.J. Norwood: Attic Fires: Latest Technical Panel Results

P.J. Norwood discusses that attic fires take longer to deterct and are more dangerous for firefighters and residents.

Shan Raffel: Understanding the Language of Fire: Be Safe. Think, ‘Be SAHF’

Shan Raffel discusses the background of being safe at a fire. 

Joe Knitter: Cancer in the Fire Service

Joe Knitter discusses how cancer effects many firefighters in the fire service.

Mike McEvoy: Training Program

Mike McEvoy talking about his training medication in the fire service.

MSA to Acquire Firefighter Turnout Gear Manufacturer Globe Manufacturing Company

With this acquisition, MSA strengthens its position as a leader in the North American market for firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE), while expanding its core product portfolio in a key customer segment.

Justin Schorr: Engine Company First Strike Mass Casualty Incident: An Introduction

Justin Schorr in his article steps to maximize your team’s effectiveness.

David Polikoff: A Strong Command Presence Is Essential in All Incidents

David Polikoff's article is achieving a successful outcome when operating on the day-to-day incidents--structure fires, small hazmat incidents, automotive accidents, for example. Most of these incidents are mitigated in fewer than 12 to 24 hours and do not necessitate additional operational periods.   

Matt Machala and Michael Wilbur: Positioning Apparatus for Success

Matt Machala and Michael Wilbur discusses the elements of stuctural fire respons that relate to apparatus positioning and placemement.

Tom Sitz: Off-the-Beaten-Path Engine Company Tips

Tom Sitz discusses tips that will make the life of the firefighter better.

Susan Tamme: The Impact of Station Dialogs: The Hidden Dilemma in Our Words

Susan Tamme discusses the tremendous contribution toward opening the door to a better working environment and a better fire department.

Nick Palmer: Aircraft Down in Your District

Nick Palmer discusses how quickly things can change should an aircraft crash in your district.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: O2X

Adam La Reau of O2X discusses how the company addresses the interrelated issues of firefighter readiness, physical fitness, and resiliency to improve fireground performance.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Scott Safety

Members of the Scott Safety team demonstrate some of the products the company had at this year's FDIC International 2017.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Akron Brass

Akron Brass launches UltraJet handline nozzle and more at FDIC 2017. Check out the latest from the most trusted brand of firefighting equipment.