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Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting

Wednesday, April 26
Our overall goal is to put the fire out and save lives, and most of that happens in the hands of firefighters operating at the task level. However, in the most successful operations, the skills of talented firefighters are enabled, supported, and best deployed by talented chief officers who run a well-organized and well-managed incident. These are ICs who understand what firefighters can and should do, who understand tactics and know how to build an incident that puts things together the right way to crush the problem. This program will discuss (from before the alarm to through the incident) the habits, practices, and attitudes that must exist at the strategic and tactical level to make our job--putting the fire out--most effective. We will discuss preincident investment and preparation, street-smart fireground command practices, incident organization, and management of tactical objectives--all toward the goal of best supporting our firefighters' ability to do their job.
Nicholas Martin, Battalion Chief - Salisbury (NC) Fire Department