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The Anatomy of a Push

Friday, April 28
This class is for any firefighters who may find themselves on the nozzle at a fire as well as the company officers and training officers who are building curriculum and driving company level training. It begins by confronting the topics of how we view 'risk' and 'safety' in the fire service, as well as the optimal mindset that provides a firm foundation for the skills covered later. It discusses why it is important to simplify and give a clear mission to the nozzle person so that human factors that come from the dynamic fireground can be minimized and so everyone from the most junior firefighter to the most senior can understand how to establish 'hierarchies of line placement' and how to quickly and simply read the fire behavior and know intuitively what to do with the handline. Then it dissects thermal imaging footage recorded in heavy fire conditions in live fire so that students can visualize both thermal and naked eye reads in a real environment that will translate directly to their next fire.
Jay Bonnifield, Firefighter - Everett (WA) Fire Department