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Cancer: Prevent It, Detect It Early, and Survive It

Wednesday, April 26
Through an interactive presentation and discussions, students will learn about the scope of the problem of cancer in the fire service. Cancer exposure occurs on the fireground, in the fire stations, and even from the gear designed to protect them. Leveraging 2020 analyses from the Center for Fire, Rescue, and EMS Health Research (CFREHR), the Firefighter Cancer Support Network (FCSN) will reveal the cancers that impact the fire service most frequently and best practices for reducing exposure and preventing cancer to protect them and their families. Because we will never eliminate cancer risk completely, Detectogeter will share 3 Steps Detect for the Fire Service, a program teaching firefighters to recognize early warning signs of cancer, and give them a framework for when and how to seek help from their healthcare team. Finally, FCSN will share the services offered to firefighters and their family members in the unfortunate event that they do have to deal with a cancer diagnosis. Through sharing data and stories of survival, this course motivates firefighters to take personal responsibility for their health and save their own lives.
Russell Osgood, Chief - Ogunquit (ME) Fire Department; Firefighter Cancer Support Network

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