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Communication at Basement Fires

Thursday, April 27
Operations hinge on a clear understanding of SOPs. In basement fires, communication can be misunderstood or simply unreadable to the IC. Training is a part of handling these fires. Another part is knowing the construction type and occupancy and the structure's weaknesses. The hazards of a particular business or the possibility of clutter or unexpected residents in below-grade areas test the abilities of our members. Garages, extra stock supplies, and single-room occupancies add to our access and egress concerns. Staffing and preplanning will dictate some of our operations. Officers operating inside must give that vital information that the IC needs to help lead this fire to a positive outcome. Firefighters must use their training and maintain their mental performance training in these dynamic operations. It all comes down to communication between our inside and outside members. Solving any communication issues prior to these fires is paramount.'
Michael Scotto, Lieutenant - Fire Department of New York