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Company Drills in Acquired Structures

Thursday, April 27
This class is designed for getting the maximum number of drills out of a donated property when the structure cannot be burned due to local restrictions or using the property to its fullest prior to conducting live burn scenarios when allowed. It will present drill topics for private dwellings, commercial properties, and multiple dwellings. Inspections of these properties to mitigate hazards prior to their use and the steps of completing the proper paperwork needed to operate in such structures will be explained. The role of the NFPA 1403 standard as a tool to safely prepare the structure will be discussed. Nonfire training scenarios involving building construction and size-up, utility emergencies, SCBA confidence courses, overhaul, and ventilation will be discussed. Additionally, ideas for using these structures for rapid intervention crew training with items found in these buildings to create props will be shown.
James Kirsch, Captain (Ret.) - Bergenfield (NJ) Fire Department