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Coordinating Ventilation: Supporting Extinguishment and Survivability

Wednesday, April 26
Ventilation can make or break the outcome of a fire. Successful execution requires the comprehension of how it works and the precautions that must be taken to ensure our actions are well coordinated and achieve their intended outcome. This program examines ventilation and its relationship with fire behavior, firefighting operations, and victim survivability to identify how the tactic impacts the fireground. By incorporating previous experiences as well as data from current research, the common pitfalls and misconceptions are addressed to reduce potential errors and avoidable losses. A set of guiding principles and practices is provided to establish an operational baseline. The framework is universal and can be applied to any environment, from rural to urban communities. With a functional understanding of ventilation and the methodology for its execution, participants can more consistently make the right call for their fireground.
Nicholas Papa, Lieutenant - New Britain (CT) Fire Department