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The Dangers of Explosives in the Fire/EMS Service

Monday, April 24
Explosives identification and incident response by first responders is paramount in today's world. First responders have been and will continue to be called on to mitigate fires and to treat the injured after an explosive detonates. We have to be prepared for this reality. We are targets now just as the police have endured. It's a sad reality in today's environment. This workshop covers homemade explosives (HMEs), improvised explosive devices (IEDs), responses by fire and EMS to these dangerous situations, and the importance of Unified Command and managing the scene. This knowledge is crucial when we encounter an area where explosive materials are located. We have to maintain our situational awareness for scene safety.
Jarred Alden, M.A., B.A., FFII, NRP, Lieutenant - Akron (OH) Fire Department