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Drills You're Not Going to Find in the Books

Tuesday, April 25
Saving civilian and firefighter lives on the fireground starts with the company drill. We prepare to save lives one drill at a time. Company officers always ask for new ideas and methods to keep their crews engaged and enthusiastic about training. After Firefighter I and II skill sets, drilling can become repetitive and boring. Company officers need new and creative ideas to keep crews interested and engaged in realistic training. This class contains more than 100 unique, creative, and exciting drills, ideas, and illustrations for engine and ladder companies as well as for individual firefighters. The drills are based on actual firefighter line-of-duty deaths or close-call incidents, case studies where there was a unique fire situation or substantial property loss, and out-of-print training manuals with information that is not readily available to firefighters. If these trade secrets aren't shared, they're lost with each retirement.
Raul A. Angulo, Captain (Ret.) - Seattle (WA) Fire Department