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Emergency Operations for Electric and Alternative Fuel Vehicles

Tuesday, April 25
Auto manufacturers have invested heavily in their hybrid and electric vehicle (EV) programs. Many of them have committed to being all electric or electric/hybrid in the next decade. Some estimates indicate that by 2025, they will make up 10% of new cars sold. In 2020, the National Trainsportation Safety Board released a report on EV fires involving lithium-ion batteries and concluded that the U.S. fire service is not yet fully prepared with the knowledge on how to address them. Recent trends have shown that the number of gaseous fuels and fuel cell vehicles on the roads continues to grow as well. This workshop gives an overview of the vehicles using these types of alternative drive systems and the impact emergency operations, especially as it relates to firefighting and extrications. Attendees will gain the knowledge required to safely work around these vehicles and to educate other members of their departments on how to handle their presence on our roads.
Jason Emery, Battalion Chief - Waterbury (CT) Fire Department