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The Engine Company's Guide to Large Handlines

Friday, April 28
This is a guide to the ins and outs of large attack lines. As the usage of small, preconnected handlines has become the go-to option, comfort level in the deployments and tactical decision making surrounding attack lines of greater diameters has declined significantly. This puts us at a greater risk for property loss, multiple-alarm fires, and even line-of-duty deaths; our fire attack must escalate to match fire growth beyond a typical residential fire. With dozens of hoselines being classified as a large handline, there is additional confusion as to which should be employed. This is an in-depth look at large attack line deployments and how these packages are selected, stretched, and flowed. Learn solutions that will guide any department in developing competency, regardless of department staffing or size.
Jonathan Brumley, Firefighter - Denver (CO) Fire Department