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Leadership and Diversity

Thursday, April 27
Achieving an efficient, fun, and diverse workplace requires a special kind of leadership. Our typical leadership training doesn't often talk about diversity. And if we only rely on quotas, mandatory training, and discipline, we will never meet our hopes for a diverse and harmonious company crew and department. Through entertaining stories based on 45 years in the fire service, the instructor will share experiences of a long and successful fire career from being a tailboard firefighter to an assignment in Washington, DC. These stories will connect with participants and offer a perspective that they might not have thought about before. It's important for firefighters, company officers, and chiefs to think about their behavior as it relates to diversity in the workplace. If women are the only advocates for women and minorities are the only advocates for racial minorities, we will never achieve our need for a more diverse workplace. We all need to be leaders, and leadership isn't silent.
Bobbie Scopa, Deputy Director for Fire Operations - US Forest Service - Oregon, Washington and Alaska