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Fire Dynamics and Occupational Illness - Understanding the Interrelationship of the Modern Environment for Real World Best Practices

Friday, April 28
During the past several decades, the fire service has experienced several changes that have significantly altered the firefighters' work environment. A foundational knowledge of fire dynamics is critical to immediate success on the fireground and leads to a deeper understanding of how actions taken impact fire behavior. Although the fire service has become increasingly aware of the exposure to toxins and carcinogens found in fires, a foundational knowledge of firefighting strategies and tactics is critical to the health and longevity of the firefighter. But do firefighters understand how closely these two topics are interrelated? The fireground is better understood through research and experience, both in terms of fire dynamics and contamination reduction strategies. Both fire dynamics and increased occupational exposure concerns are closely related. This class will explain the interrelationship and highlight tactical considerations that will allow you to understand the concerns of occupational exposure and fire dynamics while maintaining an aggressive mindset to fire attack and search and rescue. By combining research with operational and leadership experience, this class will offer best practices and tactics that can be immediately implemented for better operational outcomes to provide victims and firefighters with the best chance at survival both on the fireground and long into the retirement years.
Frank Leeb, Deputy Assistant Chief - Fire Department of New York