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Firefighter Rescue Operations: What You See is What You Get!

Wednesday, April 26
Unfortunately, many firefighters in this country are still not being properly protected on the fireground by a well-trained and well-equipped rapid intervention team (RIT). Excues range from 'We don't have the staffing' to 'We don't believe in RIT.' This class will enlighten the nonbelievers and reinforce to the believers that a solid RIT increases the chances of survival for a down firefighter. Case studies with proven firefighter saves and rescues will be discussed along with the unfortunate reality that sometimes we are not successful. Best practices for RIT operations will be discussed along with proper training. This class is a must for those wishing to broaden their understanding of what a real RIT consists of, what it can accomplish, and understand on the fireground that "What You See Is What You Get."
James Crawford, Assistant Chief - Midway (SC) Fire Rescue