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Firefighting at Facilities with Combustible Dust

Wednesday, April 26
Seemingly benign materials can become explosive and deadly when ignited as a dust cloud. Ordinary materials such as food products, sawdust, or plastic can fuel violent, deadly explosions when presented in the right situation. Each year, emergency responders are called for operations in facilities where combustible dusts exist. According to OSHA, dust has accumulated in many factories and industrial facilities, and it has triggered primary and secondary explosions that have killed and injured hundreds of employees and caused hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. This class provides firefighters with a background in combustible dust operations and hazards to protect them from harm when called on to respond where a fire or explosion could occur. It will examine the circumstances that must come together for a dust explosion to occur as well as discuss how to recognize and manage this dangerous situation.
Benjamin Peetz, Firefighter - Napoleon (IN) Volunteer Fire Department

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