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First-Due Hazmat Research Tools

Thursday, April 27
This class is for the first-due company who is tasked with responding to a hazmat incident and must make risk-based, calculated decisions well before the arrival of a dedicated hazmat team. It focuses on the reference tools available to the first-arriving crews to assist with their risk assessment, covering such questions as the following: Is your structural turnout gear and SCBA the appropriate PPE for a quick rescue? Do you have essential equipment to ensure you are safe? Do you have the proper training and means to identify the hazard ahead of you? While many responders use the Emergency Response Guidebook, there are many reference books and app-based tools that can aid operational-level responders in identifying safe measures to protect their crew members and the public. The class will then use a street-smart approach to tying in this research information and making critical decisions in the field on victim rescue, recon, evacuating/sheltering in place, and emergency decontamination.'
Nick Zamiska, Chief - Brecksville (OH) Fire Department