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Four Pillars of Firefighter Functional Fitness, Health, and Wellness

Tuesday, April 25
This highly interactive workshop will introduce the four pillars: Physical Fitness, Rest & Recovery, Hydration, and Nutrition. Pillar 1 teaches attendees to focus on exercises and movements that are functional for the job of firefighting. Pillar 2 is broken down into active and passive recovery. Examples are provided for improving recovery from training and improving passive rest for improved health. Pillar 3 includes a discussion of the physiological and cardiovascular effects of dehydration, practical tips on proactive hydration, and how proper hydration can help reduce cancer risk. Pillar 4 is putting the right foods in the right amounts in our bodies to stay healthy and perform at optimum levels. Tips for nutritional success and weight loss are shared.
Dan Kerrigan, Upper Providence Township (PA) Fire Department - Chief

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