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Heavy Vehicle Extrication

Tuesday, April 25
The first station is the bus overrun, where students will be lifting a 20,000-lb. live load with lifting struts. This is a difficult lift, and most students will not have the opportunity to train on something like this. The second station is extricating from semi cabs, with the cabs on an elevated platform to simulate the height of a cab on its frame. Using various tools, the student will extricate the cab away from a simulated patient. Students will also go through a new semi to see the systems and identify the hazards. The third station is the side underride, which will allow students to extricate a simulated patient from a confined area using tunneling, side removal, and dash lifts. In the fourth station, the rear underride, students will use different lifting techniques, a way to use the system on the trailer to lift, and lifting bags. The fifth station is working with the heavy wrecker, a private tow company to assist with rescue.
Todd Taylor, Captain - Wayne Township (IN) Fire Department; Advanced Rescue Solutions