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High-Rise Essentials: First-Due Considerations

Friday, April 28
This class will maximize the full potential of your first-due companies by providing action-oriented direction during the first few critical minutes of a high-rise fire. This is best explained through a process of manageable sequential steps to help bolster the effectiveness of the first-due, who will be responsible for setting the tone and making intelligent decisions, usually under the burden of time constraints and minimal staffing. Case studies and valuable lessons learned from previous high-rise fires helped develop an invaluable framework of best practices and recommendations applicable to any size department. Critical areas of concern will be broken down into manageable task-level assignments, with special emphasis placed on purposeful actions designed to safeguard building occupants and enhance fire suppression efforts, usually both being performed simultaneously. A game plan, solid fundamentals, and discipline are required of the first-due to successfully transition from initial actions to incident sustainability.
James Davis, Captain - Chicago (IL) Fire Department