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Your Last Breath: Strategies for Success.

Thursday, April 27
Having the right air management skills can extend your time in the Hot Zone and extend your firefight and rescue potential. If you become hurt or trapped and are breathing down your tank, these skills buys time for RIT to get you out. You can learn to get more out of your last breath. This class will profile examples of firefighters who have prepared their minds and bodies en route to the emergency, reduced their anxiety, extended their search time, and performed like a tactical operator. It will also profile real Maydays where practical skills of air management were used, which resulted in their survival and rescue. It will cover various biometric devices and smartphone apps that help manage our respirations and how to teach it back home. Air management is all about time--more time in the Hot Zone plus more time to get out.
David Gillespie, Captain/Rescue Technician - Peterborough (Ontario, Canada) Fire Service