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Leading Through Training: The Crucial Role of the Fire Service Instructor

Wednesday, April 26
The opportunity to model effective leadership through training is within our grasp every single day. Training provides an angle, a conduit, a platform. It provides a window to engage with every member of your agency, across all ranks and generations. This class focuses on maximizing the opportunities to lead and influence that come with training our personnel. At the heart of the presentation is the tenet that the ability to practice leadership traits transcends the content being presented. From humility, consistency, and integrity to empowerment, trust, and team building, this presentation covers the gambit on the leadership traits that every person who trains their own can demonstrate. It provides a reminder of the immense impact those who train and pass on knowledge have in our fire service as leaders while providing proven tools and techniques for attendees to succeed.
Stephen Shaw, Assistant Chief - Fort Lauderdale (FL) Fire Rescue