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Mastering the Role of a Pump Operator

Thursday, April 27
The pump operator may sometimes wear multiple hats (helmets) on an incident and serves as the connecting link in operations between the suppression decision making and the implementation of those decisions. Whether you are a volunteer or career pump operator, it is easy to get comfortable at the panel when all things are flowing smoothly. Then there are the adversities on scene with water supplies, ruptured hoselines, malfunctioning equipment, and other unforeseen situations. The class will help prepare the pump operator for the on-scene adversities, the transitions from older to modern apparatus as well as the differences between the two, changes and differences in fire hose and nozzles when dealing with friction loss, and managing the perceived stressful responsibility of a fireground pump operator. Training ideas will be discussed to take back to your department to incorporate into any training plan.
Paul Watlington, Battalion Chief of Training - Burlington (NC) Fire Department