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Mayday Monday: Tips and Techniques for Firefighter Survival

Friday, April 28
Mayday Monday is a firefighter survival campaign with a mission of reducing firefighter injury and death on the fireground. This is done through reviewing firefighter line-of-duty-deaths. In reviewing these tragedies, we honor the memory of the members involved by learning more about their lives. Then we dive into the incident by reviewing available reports and asking other members of the department. Then we present a firefighter survival skill/drill that was learned through the sacrifice of the firefighter. Drills include methods for rescuing firefighters from a basement or below-grade location, negotiating an entanglement hazard, removing a down firefighter from an above-grade position, and becoming more familiar with the SCBA. There is even guidance on physical fitness training so our members can become more fire fit. Class attendees will be presented with several skill/drills, the steps needed to set up the drills, and the directions for completing the training.
Tony Carroll, Deputy Chief - District of Columbia Fire Department