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Merging EMS into a Fire-Based System

Wednesday, April 26
This session will help EMS officers learn how to integrate with the fire side of their agency. The fire department is steeped in culture, and years of tradition have built a culture that focuses on fire suppression. Over the years, fire departments have started to work in the areas of education and prevention, and now EMS has become a major component of fire rescue departments. In most such agencies, EMS makes up a majority of emergency calls, and it also tends to be the largest source of income for the department (due to transport and treatment fees). Regardless of the percentage of calls and percentage of income, EMS still has a lot to overcome with regard to culture. This class is not intended to change your culture, but we will cover how to work together to create a true FIRE RESCUE culture that will most efficiently take care of our customers.
Charles Coyle, Division Chief of Medical Services - Palm Beach County (FL) Fire Rescue