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Overcoming Common Engine Company Mistakes and Fireground Problems

Monday, April 15
Precon Workshop
Engine Company

This participative, discussion-based lecture focuses on a multitude of engine company aspects that, when not handled properly, can destroy a fireground operation. These issues apply to all fire departments, big or small, urban or rural. The class is broken up into two sections: mistakes and problems. Fireground mistakes are human errors--issues that occur due to incorrect judgment, inexperience, or simply not being on our A-game. Mistakes are expected as we are humans, trying to make perfect decisions with imperfect information. It is not the mistake that is often the issue; it is our ability to recover from it that can make or break the entire operation. Fireground problems are unanticipated challenges that occur at every fire scene. Regardless of what the issue is and what the root cause was, it must be overcome to successfully complete our fireground duties. We will look at this topic from two sides: making sound, experienced-based decisions to avoid issues in the first place and overcoming mistakes and problems when they do arise.

Jason Rivera, Firefighter - New Haven Fire Department