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Rapid Intervention: Don't Just Stand There

Wednesday, April 26
When you are assigned the duties of rapid intervention at an incident, you have been handed a big responsibility, as the fate of firefighters in trouble are now in your hands. This class will discuss the basic duties of the RIT as it responds and then arrives on scene, doing a RIT 360, doing a proper RIT size-up, building construction as it pertains to RIT, softening up the structure to enable easier access and egress in the event the RIT needs to be deployed, obstacles that can hinder access to the structure and how to overcome them, situations that can cause a Mayday to be called, and procedures to remove firefighters to a safe area. New tools and techniques for RIT will be shown. Students will learn to be more proactive as RIT members and not just stand there.
Art Bloomer, Captain (Ret.) - Kearny (NJ) Fire Department