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Rethinking First Responder Mental Health: Beyond the Calls

Thursday, April 18
Classroom Session
Health & Safety

This class is designed to address our understanding of first responder mental health and our responses to trauma. In the past few years, PTSD has become a common phrase in emergency services, yet our understanding of its true manifestation, diagnosis, and treatment is not well known. This class will lean on evidence-based research to explain the origins of trauma and, more importantly, the path toward resiliency and growth. It will describe the importance of understanding our own trauma stories and learning the common routes toward growth. These include meaningful relationships, mindfulness, rest, sleep, psychological safety, leadership, and meaning making. This class will address the impacts of poor leadership and the value of deliberate leadership on the mental wellness of our members.

*Eligible for CEH/CAPCE Credit

Dena Ali, Battalion Chief - Raleigh Fire Department