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Street-Smart Energy Response Training: From Transformers to Lithium-Ion Batteries

Monday, April 24
Electrical fires are on the rise, and there is very little training available outside of the standard 'Stay back 10 feet.' This is easy to do when you are facing a cyclone fence surrounding a clearly marked substation, but what if there aren't clear signs? What if there are no 'High Voltage/Do Not Enter' placards? Would you know what to look for? Will you understand the hazards and your options? This course is designed to help initial companies quickly recognize the presence of high-voltage electrical hazards before getting in too deep. You will learn how to conduct 'High-Voltage Size-Up' to use on everything from substation fires to building fires to traffic accidents. It will create order and focus in the chaos and confusion that often surround high-voltage electrical emergencies. A big portion of the course covers lithium-ion emergencies and dispelling the myths of how to handle them safely
Chris Greene, Captain/Energy Response Team Supervisor - Seattle (WA) Fire Department

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