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Swiftwater Rescue Rules of Engagement

Thursday, April 27
This class prepares first responders to arrive first on scene at a water rescue. It is designed for nonwater rescue-trained members as well as experienced water rescue team members and technicians. Water rescue is a dangerous and dynamic rescue situation and the most likely technical rescue responders will experience. Lessons learned provide a foundation to perform scene size-up, scene safety, assessing the victims, hydrology, allocation of resources, and rescue decision making. Students will learn proper PPE to use at water rescue emergencies and rescue equipment that should be carried on fire apparatus and all emergency response units. This class will outline steps to take and decision making to ensure that rescue teams will respond quickly and safely and meet the needs of the citizens we serve. Attendees will be able to identify rescue priorities and use them to ensure a safe and successful rescue.'
Greg Merrell, Battalion Chief - Oklahoma City (OK) Fire Department