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Tailboard Takeaways: the Trifecta of Fires Fought by the San Francisco Fire Department

Wednesday, April 26
This class is packed with videos, photographs, and tactical channel audio of actual working fires to which the San Francisco Fire Department has responded. Learn what went well on the fireground and what left a little bit to be desired. This is a play by play of actual tailboard briefings held immediately after every working fire and covers the trifecta of firefighting: Access, Extinguishment, and Ventilation. Everything from running the play to apparatus positioning, roof operations, interior offensive aggressive attack, defensive operations, flowpath, hoseline selection, and ladder placement in all five building types are covered. Building construction will be discussed and how fire behavior affects the way we do business as an old-school fire department meeting the challenges of today's fire environment.'
Nicol Juratovac, Assistant Chief - San Francisco (CA) Fire Department