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The Three Degrees Of Mayday

Thursday, April 27
This class discusses the varying degrees of difficulty that a rapid intervention team may encounter in response to a Mayday. Like fighting structural fires, the larger and more complex the incident, the more resources that maybe required. Many Mayday situations are for a single firefighter who is lost, injured, or distressed in some way, and a basic RIT of three members will usually have success in remedying this emergency. But when a burning ceiling collapses on a two-person nozzle or search team, a three-person RIT simply won't be able to complete the rescue. Similarly, a major structural collapse that traps or injures five or more firefighters will need numerous RIT members and other special teams and equipment. These are the basic "Three Degrees" that will be outlined in this program.
John Salka, Battalion Chief (Ret.) - Fire Department of New York