Don't Touch the Red Button: Understanding Pump Controls

Friday, April 28
When it comes to operating a pump, we are told push this, pull that, don't touch this, always do one thing, and never do another. But why? In many departments, this information has been passed down from one generation of pump operator to another. Unfortunately, this tribal knowledge often does not keep up with changes in technology and leaves out the why of the process. What controls on a pump panel do, why they do it, and how they impact getting water to the fire are critical for an operator to understand. Competent pump operators understand the what, why, and how behind all pump controls, allowing them to consistently get water to the fire and proficiently troubleshoot issues when things go wrong. This class will discuss the evolution of pump controls and how operators must approach running a pump with each generation of controls.
Edward Collet, Firefighter/AEMT - Jackson Township (OH) Fire Department