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Truck Company Essentials: Beyond the Academy

Tuesday, April 25
Students will rotate through a series of stations to get a 'taste' of truck company operations in this interactive class. At the Forcible Entry station, each student will force inward- and outward-opening doors and cut simulated window bars and roll-down gates. At the Ladders station, they will learn portable ladder operations that include new leg lock maneuvers and perform live victim simulated rescues and removals. In addition, unusual ladder raises, accessing a high parapet with ladders, and firefighter removals with ladders will be performed. At the Ventilation station, they will perform horizontal and vertical ventilation on the acquired structures or roof props. At the Search station, they will conduct vent-enter-search tactics and victim removal. This class will encompass numerous street smart tactics that go beyond the basic fire academy curriculum.'
Michael Ciampo, Lieutenant - Fire Department of New York