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Understanding Fire Dynamics in Structures to Improve Fire ground Decision Making

Tuesday, April 25
Typically, firefighters enter the front door of a structure to access a fire to extinguish it. This approach, enabled by the personal protective equipment that firefighters wear and a charged hoseline, has produced positive results, especially if the firefighters can easily locate the fire from their point of entry. However, there have been cases where the firefighters did not find the fire--instead, the fire found them. In fire incidents where firefighters were overtaken by the fire, the 'one size fits all' fire attacks were not effective. Most of the time, an ineffective fire attack results in no issues or perhaps a near miss. Unfortunately, there are incidents where firefighters were killed or injured asa result of unknown conditions on the fireground or a lack of coordination on the fireground. In this presentation, the latest UL FSRI research results, supported by physics, will be coupled with examples from fireground incidents to demonstrate why additional options are needed in your tactical toolbox. Size-up, understanding what the fire is showing you, and then deciding the best tactical approach are key to an effective fire attack. A digital instructor kit with Powerpoints and videos will be provided to each attendee.
Daniel Madrzykowski, Director of Research - UL Firefighter Safety Research Institute