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Wood-Frame Buildings: Past and Present

Monday, April 24
This workshop presents information relating to the construction methods and materials used in the construction the four types of wood-frame buildings: post and beam/braced frame, balloon frame, platform frame, and lightweight wood frame. The evolution of the materials used to constructed wood-frame buildings has a significant impact on the collapse potential and the fire spread potential of these buildings. The construction methods that create the fire spread and collapse potential in each of the four types will be presented in detail using case studies of buildings under construction, renovation, and post-fires. Understanding fire behavior and how the four types of wood-frame construction and the construction methods impact fireground operations is an essential part of the class. The class will also provide a foundation for fire instructors and fire officers to develop training programs on building construction using buildings in their jurisdiction. The overall objective is to enhance safety and efficiency while operating at fires in the four types of wood-frame buildings.
Paul Dansbach, Fire Marshal/Fmr. Chief - Rutherford (NJ) Bureau of Fire Safety