What to Wear to Hands-on Training

Must Read: All Hands-on Training Students PPE Requirements

PPE/SCBA Requirements for Hands-on Training

All hands-on training students must bring their own NFPA-compliant bunker or technical rescue gear. FDIC International does not supply personal protective equipment (PPE). The requirements vary depending on the classes. FDIC SUPPLIES ALL SCBAs. DO NOT BRING YOUR SCBA. If you are in an IDLH class, a link will be sent to you for SCBA Fit Testing scheduling. The PPE requirements per class are listed below.

The following classes require full bunker gear, which includes NFPA-compliant turnout coat and pants, helmet, hood, firefighting boots, and gloves.

  • Commercial Fireground Operations
  • Drilling at the Speed of Flashover
  • Flashover and Modern Fire Behavior Training
  • Forcible Entry: The “Keys to the Job”
  • Lines, Ladders, Access, and Victims: Street Drills
  • Live Fire: Critical Actions for First-Due Companies
  • Live Fire: Search and Extinguishment
  • Live Fire: The Six Skills for Successful VEIS
  • Maintenance, Use, and Operation of Fire Service Saws
  • Nozzle Forward (extra knee pads recommended)
  • Outside the City Limits: Fireground Skills and Drills
  • Real-World Fireground Operations
  • Rescue and Squad Company Operations Under Live Fire
  • RIT Under Fire
  • Stretching for Success
  • The Engine Company: Effective Fire Attack Using the Basics
  • The Top Priority: Aggressive Primary Search
  • Truck Company Essentials

The following classes can accommodate bunker gear or technical rescue. Technical rescue gear includes jumpsuit or BDUs, OSHA and/or ANSI-compliant helmet (hard hat), steel-toed boots, ANSI-compliant eye protection, and gloves.

  • Active Shooter Response for the First-Due Company
  • Advanced Vehicle Extrication
  • Complete Extrication: From Routine to Complex
  • Heavy Vehicle Extrication
  • Man vs. Machinery
  • Managing Elevator Emergencies
  • Tower Rescue Operations
  • Trapped: The Race Against Time
  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Emergency Response

All students are required to submit the FDIC H.O.T. Liability Waiver signed by the chief of their fire department.

Buses will load promptly at 6:30 AM. All HOT attendees should be at the convention center no later than 6:00 AM.

No personal vehicles of any kind will be allowed at any HOT site due to space restrictions at many of the sites.