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These are uncertain times for all of us and Bullard stands ready and committed to providing PPE to healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a responsibility to protect the doctors, nurses, lab technicians, researchers, scientists, first responders, and all the volunteers who are fighting this pandemic. As a PPE manufacturer, it’s our responsibility to provide healthcare workers with the products needed to protect them so they can save lives. We take this responsibility to heart every day. We are mobilizing 90% of our production for respiratory and faceshield products including powered air-purifying respirators with hoods. Our production throughput has increased 10x and we have added 30% more sewing machines to double our output of loose-fitting hoods. We have continued to prioritize our first responder and EMS products to protect these brave men and women on the frontlines of this pandemic. We will meet the challenges ahead of us by standing strong together.
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