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Over the years, Darley has been quick to respond to crises. We have moved resources and shifted into high-gear to support our first responders during the coronavirus pandemic. While most our supplies of items like N95 masks, remote thermometers and gloves sold out by early March. We do have orders into our manufacturers and are we are notifying customers as inventory replenishes. We are expecting a shipment of hundreds of FLIR IR 200 non-contact forehead infrared thermometers no later than April 15th. These have an MSRP of $149.95, but we are offering these exclusively to our current first responder customers at a special price of $100.00 each (below our cost). There is only one available per fire departments and no resale is allowed. If you meet this criteria, you can order online now at: infrared-thermometer. If you are a current fire department customer and don’t have funds available for this purchase, please email and we will provide you one at no charge (while supplies last). We continue to donate Darley Safe Water boxes to those in need. We have large inventories available. If your community has water shortages or mass casualty events, please contact If you’re a business and would like to donate to your local community with your logo on a Darley “Box of Rain,” we can ship quickly. Before the coronavirus, much of the fire service was focused on cancer awareness issues plaguing our first responders. When things return to normal, we can’t lose sight of this critical issue. We have set up a new section at cancer-prevention. This website section includes four new types of barrier hoods, decon wipes, decon bags, latex gloves, seat covers, cleaning solutions and even PPE laundry machines. A lot of this cancer awareness has been in response to the Lavender Ribbon Report that was produced by the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and specifically, the Fire Volunteer & Combination Officers (VCOS), along with the National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). You can quickly download the 44-page report from the IAFC website or at The report focuses mostly on behavior modification - changes that don’t cost money, but Darley has responded with a lot of products that address the universal precautions for bloodborne pathogens as prescribed by OSHA and the CDC.
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