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Emergency Reporting

At Emergency Reporting (ER), our mission is to empower first responders worldwide with fast and easy-to-use technology that provides the data needed to keep themselves and their communities safe. Our Records Management and Reporting Software act as the centralized ecosystem that powers an agency’s entire operation, from training and events to incident reporting and compliance, to real-time analytics and performance feedback through data. As the pioneer in cloud-based EMS and fire software, ER has always been the smarter way forward for the Fire Service while also managing to be the most user-friendly solution available. Since 2003, we’ve proudly supported over 750,000 first responders through this mission worldwide – including DoD/military installations and large entities such as NASA, nuclear power plants, and hospitals. We are making it easier for first responders to participate in the NFIRS special study that makes it possible to track incidents that may involve COVID-19, and other related data. Our developers added features and functionality in less than 48 hours after the special study was released to help our customer base of over 700,000 first responders participate. We've also created a new report in the Emergency Reporting platform that enables our users to easily fill out and export a form to submit to FEMA for grant funding. Stay tuned to the ER blog for more information -
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