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Harrington, Inc.

Harrington is the Universal Connection in the U.S. Fire Industry. In business for over 25 years, at Harrington, Inc. we pride ourselves on highest quality materials and workmanship. Water handling equipment include: Intake valves, Gate valves, Hydrant Storz, Storz & Threaded Adapters, drafting & suction Equipment. Looking for the best connection. Look no further than Harrington, Inc. Our threaded adapters, suction hose, strainers, hose rollers, and Hydrant Storz products are proudly Made in USA products. Harrington is the master stocking distributor of AWG Fittings - appliances, foam equipment, and fittings for North America. Harrington is considered an essential business so manufacturing, assembly, and shipping continues. Product is shipped in short lead times so new trucks are put into service quickly, replacements are made quickly, and expediting orders is not necessary. Products are Made in USA or Germany - no Asian content.
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