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During the COVID 19 crisis…. • Made the full IamResponding system FREE for all newly subscribing regional emergency management entities through December 31, 2020; • Added direct links within all of the IamResponding apps to the CDC, Health Canada, WHO and OSHA, as well as to Johns Hopkins University's real-time COVID-19 statistics and mapping platform, so that these fact-based resources are in the hands of all of the 400,000+ first responders who use IamResponding; • Added new map markers within our shared mapping platform for subscribing entities to be able to mark known COVID-19 testing sites, and locations of positive test patients so that first responders have full awareness when arriving on site at those locations; • Increased the number of online training sessions and opportunities for the 8,000+ entities that rely on and use IamResponding so that our users can communicate and coordinate operations effectively and efficiently from remote locations; and • Sponsored and led a 3-part leadership webinar series with Chief John Buckman III and Tim Shurr titled Overcoming Adversity: Leading in Uncertain Times. IamResponding is grateful for all of the first responders who are manning the front lines during this pandemic, including many of our own team members, and we are committed to continuing to assist in any way that we can. Be informed, and be safe!
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