2019 Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor manual provides everything you need - order forms, tools, schedules, deadlines and more - to make your exhibiting experience as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please contact your Exhibit Services Manager, Danielle McCloud at danielle.mccloud@clarionevents.com or 918-831-9821. 

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Event Sales Contacts

Susie Cruz
Exhibit and Sponsorship Manager (A-J)
Phone: 973-251-5059
Email: susie.cruz@clarionevents.com

Nanci Yulico

National Sales Manager - Events (K-Z)
Phone: 973-251-5056
Email: nanci.yulico@clarionevents.com

Event Operations Contacts

Allison Foster
Vice President, Event Operations
Phone: 918-831-9443
Email: allison.foster@clarionevents.com

Emily Gotwals-Moreau
Senior Event Ops Manager
Phone: 918-832-9305
Email: emily.moreau@clarionevents.com

Exhibit Services Contact

Danielle McCloud
Exhibit Services Manager
Phone: 918-831-9821
Email: danielle.mccloud@clarionevents.com