Exhibitor Manual

The exhibitor manual provides everything you need – order forms, tools, schedules, deadlines and more – to make your exhibiting experience as easy as possible.

If you have any questions, please contact your Exhibit Services Managers via email at at [email protected] or via phone:  Danielle McCloud  (918)831-9821, Kimber Pittman (918)831-9753, or Kaylee Odom (918)831-9119. 

Guidelines, Regulations, Insurance Requirements, Listings, & 365 Product Zone

All of your booth needs: carpet, electric, furniture, etc. in one place!

Move in/Move out Schedule, Deadlines, and Shipping Information

Marshaling yard, POVs & Trailers, & where to park for the event

What you get with your booth, booth staff rates, and how to register

Exhibitor Point Schedule for Housing

Onsite Lead Retrieval

Collect data on everyone you meet at your booth with CompuLEAD

FDIC’s official lead capture system is now CompuLEAD by CompuSystems. Easily collect, qualify and download the details of customers you meet. With a quick scan of the badge you will be able to capture full contact details and available demographic information that an attendee provided when they registered.

CompuLead’s smart lead retrieval applications are available for you and your team to use on your own smart device (iphone, ipad or android) or through a rented tablet.

Event Sales Contacts

Nanci Yulico
National Sales Manager – Events (K-Z)
Phone: 973-251-5056
Email: [email protected]

Rod Washington
Exhibit and Sponsorship Sales Manager (A-J)
Phone: 918-831-9481
Email[email protected]

Event Operations Contacts

Allison Foster
Vice President, Event Operations
Phone: 918-831-9443
Email: [email protected]

Wendy Booth
Operations Manager, Event Operations
Phone: 678-370-0329
Email:[email protected]

Renee Wulf
Operations Manager, Event Operations
Phone: 253-300-7915
Email:[email protected]

Exhibit Services Contacts

Danielle McCloud 
Exhibit Services Manager
Phone: 918-831-9821
Email: [email protected]

Kimber Pittman
Exhibit Services Manager
Phone:  918- 831-9753
Email: [email protected]

Kaylee Odom
Exhibit Services Manager
Phone:   918-831-9119
Email: [email protected]