Introducing FDIC MATCH!

FDIC’s MATCH! Program is a customized meeting experience that connects exhibitors with hand selected, vetted, decision makers from the fire and rescue service who provide products and services that address the immediate needs of their department and the communities they protect.

“This is the best 3 hours I’ve ever spent. I’ve made more contacts in 3 hours than I would have in 3 days on the show floor.”  

Randy Koon, Federal Signal
MATCH! Exhibitor

What are the benefits for Exhibitors?

  • Access to highly qualified buyers, with purchasing authority and open projects
  • Meetings are agreed upon in advance giving you time to prepare
  • Meeting scheduling is organized and arranged through our matchmaking software
  • Measurable increase in ROI

Who Qualifies as an FDIC Key Buyer?

Attending participants will include authorized buyers made up of high ranking department officers, committee members and chairs with purchasing authority and power who have demonstrated an immediacy of purchase. Sample titles include: Chief of Department, Training Officer, Staff Chiefs, Committee Chairman, Purchasing Agents, etc.

How Does the MATCH! Program Work?

  • Participating Exhibitors will receive access to our online matchmaking portal
  • The matchmaking system then works to organically generate exhibitor matches to Key Buyer participants based on their sourcing interests
  • The participating Key Buyer attendee will then decide if they would like to request a meeting with the exhibitor based upon their interests
  • Exhibitors accept meetings after reviewing buyer profiles to assure accurate mutual interest

Participation in the 2020 FDIC MATCH! Program can help you earn Exhibitor Points for FDIC International 2021! If you buy a block of meetings, you will earn the following total points:

  • 5 meetings = 1 point
  • 10 meetings = 2 points
  • 11 or more meetings = 5 points

If you are interested in participating in the FDIC MATCH! Program, please contact our team:

Nanci Yulico

National Sales Manager – Events (K-Z)
Phone: 973-251-5056
Email: [email protected]

Rod Washington

Exhibit & Sponsorship Sales Manager – EMS Specialist
Phone: 918-831-9481
Email: [email protected]

Interested in MATCH?


“I love this! I travel all around the country and attend a lot of tradeshows. This is the best set up I’ve ever seen for one-to-one conversations.” 

Michael Fletcher, Cradlepoint
MATCH! Exhibitor

“I’ve been to other one-to-one meeting events and was blown away by the turnout here and the engagement. Nice that prospects came with an agenda of items to discuss, I haven’t seen that before.”  

Kegan Konray, Target Solutions
MATCH! Exhibitor

“This was phenomenal!  I can definitely see writing $400,000 in business just on these Match meetings. I will definitely do this again!” 

Brian Bush, Bryx
MATCH! Exhibitor 

“I would have never had this type of quality meetings with departments of this caliber any other way. “  

James Burneka, Firefighter Cancer Consultants
MATCH! Exhibitor