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How do I access the app?

Search “FDIC” in the iOS app store and the Google Play app store. Then add the Mobile App ID to both the first login page and the second login page. Then create a password.

When I enter my Mobile App ID, I get a notification “Email address not registered for this event”. How can I login?

  • Confirm the Mobile App ID on the printed badge. It should start with 4281 and then continue with 7 digits (for 11 digits total). If you are still having problems, you can email Melissa Gallagher, or stop by the Mobile App Desk in Wabash Registration (next to the Housing desk).
  • For the MATCH! participants (attendees and sponsors participating in both Metro and MATCH) their login details will be different. In the first box, instead of adding the Mobile App ID, enter the email address associated with registration. On the next page, confirm with the Mobile App ID or password.

How do search the Conference Agenda for H.O.T Classes (or any other session type)?

Click “Conference & Event Agenda” from the homepage, then “Filters” on the top-left. Select “Track”, then select H.O.T. Evolution.

How do I add a session to my schedule?

In the Event Agenda, click the calendar icon next to the session name, or in the Session Page, click “Add to Schedule”. Keep in mind, any paid sessions/classes will need to be processed via the registration desk.

How do I filter the list of exhibitors by product category?

  1.  Click “Exhibitors” from the homepage, then “Filters” on the top-left. Select “Product And Service Category Provided”, then select the product category. It will return a list of exhibitors who indicated this in their profile.
  2.  From the homepage, on the top of the screen click “Search FDIC and JEMS Con 2022”, then type in the category. It will return a list of exhibitors and products that have that keyword.

How do I find the booth of an exhibitor?

  1. Navigate to their profile from the “Exhibitors” list, then click “Find me at Booth#”. This will automatically open the floorplan and highlight the booth.
  2. From the “Floorplan”, search the exhibitor name, and the booth highlight.

How do I edit my exhibitor profile?

Any edits made in the exhibitor listing in the exhibitor portal will automatically update within 24 hours.