FDIC International 2018 Show News


    What the Company Officer Should Be Thinking About


    Ron Kanterman states the importance of developing a safety program.

    Fire Training Injuries: Case Studies for Instructors


    Walter Morris discusses in his article incidents that firefighters suffered injuries and personal protective equipment was significantly damaged.


    Artena Moon: Leadership during Blackout


    Artena Moon discusses how a blackout is defined as a response event in which no power or systems of communications other than face-to-face interaction are available.

    E-ONE Cyclone HS Fire Apparatus

    E-ONE Cyclone HS Fire Apparatus

    E-ONE Quest HS Cab Grill

    E-ONE Quest HS Fire Apparatus

    Honeywell Introduces Five New Products at FDIC International 2016

    Braun Industries to Debut Ambulance Crash Test Footage at FDIC 2016

    VIDEO Susanne Klatt on Line-of-Duty Deaths and Safety Standards in the German Fire Service

    Demers Ambulances at FDIC International 2018

    Demers Ambulances at FDIC International

    Gallery: FDIC International 2018 Hands on Training Part 1


    It’s Out the Windows

    “It’s out the windows” has had a lot of meanings and lessons learned over the years, and that’s why you need to be careful when you window shop.

    Product Showcase

    The Eclipse Blackout Mask

    Eclipse Fire Ground Solutions’ new face piece tool creates realistic heavy-smoke conditions that you can use for safety and rescue, fireground search, and thermal imaging camera training.


    Reducing Injuries: Putting the Effort Where It Counts

    Fire departments that are interested in using a proactive risk management strategy should review ways to fully integrate the approach to make firefighters aware of the intent of such efforts. 

    Career Matters: Next Step to Promotion

    How many times have you seen a firefighter, who would make a great officer, fold like a cheap tent in the assessment center? 

    Grieving with Firefighter Families

    As days and weeks go by, and the normalcy of life takes over, the family still needs us, but we have other responsibilities that take the place of the time we had been dedicating to comforting the family. 


    Protecting Industrial Facilities Requires Big Water Flows from Industrial Fire Apparatus

    Those municipal fire departments that have a large industrial facility in their districts face huge challenges in protecting such places along with the facility’s internal fire brigade.

    Firefighting Foam Technology Advances and How They Affect Fire Truck Manufacturers and Firefighting Industry Professionals

    As foam concentrate technology marches forward toward more environmentally friendly products, more and more discussions are taking place involving what to expect from an equipment and foam perspective related to changing over to new foams.

    Product News