FDIC International 2018 Show News


    Fire Protection System: Firefighters’ Partner in Fighting Fires in Modern Construction: Christopher M. Campion Jr.


    Christopher M. Campion Jr. discusses the fire protection system.

    Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires: The ISFSI & UL FSRI 2017 Joint Research Project: Brian Kazmierzak and Dan Madrzykowski


    Brian Kazmierzak and Dan Madrzykowski discuss this article provides an overview of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors’ (ISFSI) Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires Project, including a brief history of previous research, LODD basement fires, the research questions, and the tactical considerations developed as part of this research.


    First-Due Tactics for the Urban Engine Boss: Sean Eagen


    Sean Eagen gives some tips on how to be effective in your role as the engine boss. The decisions you make in the firehouse, on the training ground, or on the fireground can and will protect life and property. 


    Clarion UX Fire & Rescue Group Launches New Buyer Program


    Clarion UX Fire & Rescue Group, formerly PennWell Corporation, is introducing a new key buyer program at FDIC International (April 8-13, 2019). The key buyer program called “MATCH!” connects decision making fire and rescue service personnel with exhibitors who provide products and services that address the immediate needs of their department and the communities they protect.

    An International Comparison: Training Standards and Fireground Safety: Susanne Klatt


    Susanne Klatt's article describes the specific standards in the German fire service.

    Size-Up and Risk Benefit for Small Commercial Structures: Katherine Ridenhour


    Katherine Ridenhour discusses that we must understand the concepts of fire behavior and how fire behaves in different building types and construction, how high heat and fire conditions affect structural stability, and what our resource levels and equipment capabilities are prior to identifying Go or No Go--offensive or defensive.


    Commercial Drying Equipment Poses Unique Challenges: Ben Peetz


    Ben Peetz discusses how commercial drying equipment poses unique challenges.


    Are You Up to The Challenge?: Buddy Cales


    Buddy Cales talks about keeping your qualifications and training current and up to date on the latest methodologies and techniques in the field of fire investigation.

    Drill Development: It’s Not Rocket Science, But It Is Science: Bob Carpenter


    Bob Carpenter discusses that training ordinary people to do extraordinary things is a complex process. Workshops like “Drill Development: It’s not rocket-science but it’s still science.” seek to simplify the process by eliminating common stumbling blocks. The fire service culture has always been about making the job safer, the members more skilled, and the processes better. This IS our culture.


    Suburban Fire Tactics: Accounting for Truck Functions in a Non-Truck World: Jim Silvernail


    Jim Silvernail discusses that truck company operations at structure fires are essential for fireground safety and operational success. 


    New Free Performance Enhancement on the Training Ground Program Available

    In this presentation, Hillsboro (OR) Division Chief Jeff Gurske discusses how to get the most out of every training evolution.

    Collaborating in Safety: Fire Department/Industry Partnerships

    The Bath Township (OH) Fire Department has proactively engaged all local industries to ensure it is adequately prepared to respond and mitigate all hazards safely and appropriately. We don’t want any surprises. When a fire occurs, we want to have ...

    Industrial Firefighting: Preparing Your Fire Department for Response

    Building a solid relationship with the industrial responders before you have to respond to an industrial site is the first step in preparation. Joint training fosters a mutual understanding of each other’s daily responsibilities, and industrial re...


    Barn Boss Leadership: The Dirty Secrets of Leading

    To lead our men and women, our departments create promotional processes to seek out those among us who are the most technically competent individuals. These individuals must be capable of motivation and critical decision making and must meet our h...

    Servant Leadership? But I am the Boss!

    If the men and women under your command, as well as your fellow officers, participated in a 360-degree survey about you as a leader and manager, what would they say?

    Details Matter: It’s in the Attic!

    These fires can be extremely dangerous because the true conditions are hidden in the attic space and firefighters may not be expecting the sudden change in conditions when an attic flashover occurs. 


    REV Group Builds Three Road Rescue Ambulances for North Carolina’s Vidant Health

    Vidant Health recently wanted to replace ambulances in its fleet and chose REV Group to build three Road Rescue Ultramedic 4x2 ambulances with the Ferno iNTRAXX Integrated Vehicle Component System™ inside the patient box.

    Infrared Energy and Solar Loading

    A review of the basics of thermal imaging technology and terms.

    The Right Data: A Ticket to Funding

    The fire service does face a clear and present danger if it does not look inward and outward for ways to provide and show current and, especially, added value to the community.