FDIC International 2018 Show News


    High-Rise Building Fires: What’s the Challenge?: Gerald Tracy


    Choosing a Fireground Video for Use in Size-Up Drills: Tom Sitz


    Tom Sitz tells us what company officers should be looking for in a video.

    Fire Ventilation and Flow Path Control: Michael Reick


    Michael Reick discusses that fire ventilation is obviously a key factor for safe and effective firefighting operations.

    What the Company Officer Should Be Thinking About


    Ron Kanterman states the importance of developing a safety program.

    Fire Training Injuries: Case Studies for Instructors


    Walter Morris discusses in his article incidents that firefighters suffered injuries and personal protective equipment was significantly damaged.


    Artena Moon: Leadership during Blackout


    Artena Moon discusses how a blackout is defined as a response event in which no power or systems of communications other than face-to-face interaction are available.

    E-ONE Cyclone HS Fire Apparatus

    E-ONE Cyclone HS Fire Apparatus

    E-ONE Quest HS Cab Grill

    E-ONE Quest HS Fire Apparatus

    Honeywell Introduces Five New Products at FDIC International 2016

    Braun Industries to Debut Ambulance Crash Test Footage at FDIC 2016


    Drills You Won't Find in the Books

    This presentation from Raul Angulo answers the above question with numerous creative and exciting drills and ideas for engine and ladder companies and individual firefighter skills. 

    Training Minutes: Hydraulic Forcible Entry Tools

    In this Training Minutes video, Paul DeBartolomeo and company discuss considerations for using hydraulic forcible entry tools on inward-opening doors.

    The Dynamics of Change Leadership in the Fire Service

    "It’s not what “they” do when you are there; it’s what “they” do and how “they” perform when you’re not there—that’s the truest measurement of transformational leadership," writes Leigh H. Shapiro.


    UL FSRI: Study of Fire Service Training Environment

    Fire conditions produced by three fuel packages were utilized during the experiments - one containing furnishings composed primarily of synthetic materials and two containing wood-based fuels compliant with NFPA 1403.

    Standpipes in Buildings Under Construction

    I cannot overstate the importance of visiting and walking through the job site to preplan, as the time to find deficiencies in any of these systems is not during a fire.

    Changes in Russian Fire Safety, Firefighting Procedures

    According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, a new system of online monitoring of fire safety will be introduced in all public facilities in Russia shortly.


    Product News

    Recent Apparatus Orders

    Here are recent apparatus orders from around the country.

    Apparatus Showcase

    Here is a sampling of recent fire truck deliveries from around the country.