10 Considerations for Spec'ing a Rescue Truck

This Webcast guides departments through 10 Considerations When Spec’ing a Rescue Truck, starting with determining the apparatus’s primary and secondary functions. This Webcast covers chassis considerations, body configurations and everything in be...

( 03/15/2019 / 01:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time / 12:00 PM Central Daylight Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 17:00  GMT )
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The Five Common Causes of Sudden Death Every EMS Provider Should Know

This fast-paced and informative webcast will focus on five common causes of sudden death and how you can better gain clues pre-arrest, provide emergency care and modify your resuscitations in light of the likely etiology. The five topic areas feat...

Pump Panel Pointers for Training and Operations

This webcast prepares pump operators to use a variety of techniques including tools, job aids, and pointers to ensure the proper flow and pressure while operating a pump during fireground operations. Successful delivery of water is stressed. The c...

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Getting Ahead of the Top-Floor Fire

Top-floor fires are cause for great concern for any incident commander. FDNY Battalion Chief Danny Sheridan shares some tips on locating, confining, and ventilation these fires

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Firefighter Rescue and Hazmat

When there is a possibility of victim rescue, firefighters often swing the risk vs. gain decision in favor of entering the toxic atmosphere. Fire conditions and victim survivability are quickly assessed, knowing a self-contained breathing apparatu...

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Science in the Fire Service: Research Update on Contamination Control

The fire service continues to drive the movement for science-based research to better understand  how the fire environment, firefighting PPE and fire department practices can impact firefighters’ risks. This class shares some of the latest fi...

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The Exponential Engine: A Progressive Fire Attack Plan for the First-Arriving Engine

Use this comprehensive, yet simple, approach to planning for the first-arriving engine fire attack, apparatus setup, and spec. Faced with exponential fire growth, limited staffing, and rapidly changing fire conditions, all departments should be ev...

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Fire Service Cancer Survival: Early Detection & Intervention

The fire service has been making concerted efforts and inroads on confronting the occupational threats to firefighters, including cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and problems related to behavioral health. Nearly all facets of the fire service are...

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Your Personal Protective Equipment: Beginning to End

Our personal protective equipment (PPE) is our first line, but cannot be used as our only line, of defense as we are called to duty. Most firefighters do not think much of their PPE, but it needs to receive the same attention as our apparatus and ...

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Follow the Water: Pumps and Systems Training for Firefighters

Join Captain Bill Gustin of Miami-Dade (FL) Fire/Rescue at a world-class fire suppression systems training facility. Viewers  will “follow the water” as Bill explains how city water mains supply fire hydrants and building fire suppression sys...

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